How do I configure Thunderbird to check my email?

In thunderbird click on

  • Tools
  • Account Settings
  • 'Add Account'

Select the 'Email account' radio button, then click Next

On the Identity panel

Click Next

On the Server Information panel

  • Select the POP radio button
  • Enter your mail server (mail.yourdomain.ext)

Click Next

On the User Names panel

Click Next

On the Account Name panel

  • Enter a descriptive name for this account

Click Next

Your account has now been created.

The first time you pop your email you will be prompted for your password.

*NOTE* You need to know what your ISP's outgoing mail server (SMTP)is in order to send mail. This may require the additional steps of configuring the secure authentication setting in order to send any mail. If you require any assistence with this, please contact your Internet Service Provider (Rogers, Bell, Cogeco, etc).