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How can I determine what DNS servers my domain name is using?

You can determine what DNS servers your domain name is using by doing a whois lookup on a third party website like;

To check a .ca domain name use the whois tool on the landing page on the following site;

For .org domains you can use the whois tool on the landing page on the following site;

What is the IP address of my website?

If you want to know the IP address of your website you can find out by conducting a PING test.

1. In windows click on "start" select "run..." and type in "cmd.exe" in the dialogue box and hit enter.

2. This will open up a dialogue box, at the prompt type "ping" *replace your with the domain you want to query. The response will indicate the IP address of your website.

If you are using Mac OS, you can follow step 2 after opening up your terminal application.

What are my Domain Hosting settings?

Domain Name Server info:
- NS1-Hostname:
- NS1-Netaddress:
- NS2-Hostname:
- NS2-Netaddress:
- MX Record:

To FTP into the Website:
- Hostname: or by IP:
- Username: yourdoma (first 8 characters of your domain name)
- password: your domain password

How do I check my domain hosted webmail if my domain has expired or is being hosted by a third party provider?

If your website is no longer being hosted with Web Networks either because you have migrated it to a third party provider or allowed your domain name to expire, you can still get access to the webmail interface by directing your web browser to;

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