Mailing Lists

How do I hide my mailing list to make it less vulnerable to spam?

If you would like your mailing list to not be published on the list of public lists at ;

First login to your mailing list and under the "Configuration Categories" area click on "Privacy Options".

Click on the "No" option for the first section "Advertise this list when people ask what lists are on this machine?" and make sure to scroll to the bottom and click on "Submit Changes"

How do I remove the ability to send attachments on my list?

Log into the administrative options for your list. Click on content filtering. The very first option you can change is: "Should Mailman filter the content of list traffic according to the settings below?" change this setting to "yes" then submit changes. By default the list will start to remove attachments that are sent to the list. and remove HTML tags leaving just plain text. The options below this allow you to determine what kind of attachments or formatting in messages is or isn't allowed (like allowing .jpg pictures but not word documents).

Why do I keep getting these " mailing list memberships reminder" notices?

Those notices are sent out monthly (on the 2nd day of each month) and are sent monthly to remind you of your subscription to an e-mail list (which list is included in the e-mail) and your password info should you wish to change your settings.

How do I get my mailing list password?

If you are subscribed to a list you can have your password e-mailed to you by either a) making a request with your list administrator OR you can go make the request to have it e-mailed directly to you by going to your mailling list's "list info" page and typing your address into the bottom text box to "Edit Options".

How do I get a copy of my Subscribers list?

First login to your mailing list at;

*substitute "yourlist" with your list name.

Once you have authenticated with your password and are logged in, simply replace the word "admin" in the URL and replace it with the word "roster" and hit "Enter"

How do I enable emergency moderation?

If your mailing list has  been compromised, one of the best ways to ensure things return to normal is to turn on Emergency moderation. This will ensure that nothing is sent out from your list without first being approved by the administrator of the list.

Log in with your administrative account.

  • Under General Options, look for "Additional settings"
  • Under Emergency moderation of all list traffic select Yes

How do I login to my mailing list?

You can log into your mailing list by going to this address in your web browser:

Instead of your-list-name, simply replace the text with the name of the list you want to log into and type in your administrative password.

Where can I find reference guide pertaining to all aspects of my mailing list administrative options?

If you require a reference guide pertaining to all aspects of your mailing list administrative options, please take a look at the list administrator manual for complete information.

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